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Two New Preview Clips from Doctor Who Christmas Special ‘The Snowmen’

Check out these two new clips from the Doctor Who holiday special, The Snowmen!

The Snowmen will air on BBC America on December 25th.

Doctor Who Christmas Special: New Photos and Details

Collider has released some new information and stills from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen!

Doctor Who: The Snowmen marks Jenna-Louise Coleman’s second appearance in the series – she also had a role in the season premiere “Asylum of the Daleks” as Oswin, who died at the end of that the episode.  That raises a lot of questions that may or may not be addressed in the Christmas Special as to whether or not her companion character Clara is Oswin, or another person entirely, or whether she’s traveling in an opposite direction in time as the Doctor (which has already been done with River Song).

Both Smith and Coleman have hinted that it’s more likely that Clara is just a new character, but even though the two had chemistry in her brief turn early in the season, it will be interesting to see how that plays out now, especially with the Doctor in deep mourning.

Check out these new stills from The Snowmen:

Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer – ‘The Snowmen’

BBC has released the trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special entitled ‘The Snowmen’!

Introduced by Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, ‘The Snowmen’ is the episode that will introduce Coleman as The Doctor’s new companion. Take a look!

Source: Collider

#MattTweets at San Diego Comic-Con Recap!

Yesterday we told you all about #MattTweets, in which Doctor Who star Matt Smith took over the @BBCAmerica twitter for the day straight from Comic-Con. Let’s look back at what went down!

Matt Smith Arthur Darvill Karen Gillan Doctor Who TV Guide Magazine Yacht

Matt Smith Arthur Darvill Karen Gillan Doctor Who Bowling Team versus Team Nerdist

Matt Smith Doctor Who TV Guide Faves Panel

Matt Smith Doctor Who TV Guide Faves Panel

During the TV Guides Favorites Panel

Matt Smith Karen Gillan Doctor Who Interview G4

Interview with G4

Matt Smith Doctor Who Asha Leo The Brit List

With Asha Leo from BBC’s The Brit List


Matt also shared some fan facts and tips throughout the day, like this:

Matt Smith Doctor Who #MattTweets


You can see all of Matt’s tweets on the BBC America twitter!

Matt Smith Takes over @BBCAmerica Twitter From Comic-Con Today!

Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor himself, has taken over the @BBCAmerica Twitter account for the day! He’ll be posting photos and reporting to fans straight from the belly of the beast: San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

Among his first tweets, there was a great photoset of himself and Arthur Darvill from a Comic-Con Photo Booth:

Doctor Who Comic Con Matt Smith Karen Gillan Arthur Darvill

Looks like they’re having fun!

Follow Matt and all the goods he puts up via the hashtag #MattTweets! We’ll post a recap tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Matt, Karen, and Arthur talked to Wired Cafe about their “misson” for Comic-Con! We’re sure the tweets will come in handy with it!

The Tenth Doctor and Rose: Fix You

There are some very talented Doctor Who fanvid creators out there, but we especially love this ode to Ten and Rose, set to the tune of “Fix You” by Coldplay!

It’s quite stirring, isn’t it?