Star Who: A Comic Crossover, Cover of #5 of 8

The Star Trek:The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover continues with the upcoming September issue of Assimilation2, and here’s an advanced look of one of two covers of the upcoming issue.

So far in the series, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory are on a crash course to meet up with Jean-Luc Picard’s Enterprise crew. Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the covers of September’s issue.

The synopsis for this issue:

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #5 (of 8)
Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee (w) • J.K. Woodward (a & c)
The two greatest science-fiction properties of all time cross over for the first time in history, in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION²! Captain Jean-Luc Picard faces one of the most difficult decisions of his life, but the fate of the galaxy may depend on it! Can the Doctor convince him to make the correct choice?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
• Variant Sharp Brothers cover!
• The first Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover ever!

To check out the other cover, go to our Star Trek site.

Source: io9


Doctor Who and Star Trek Together

Well, I may be behind (as it always seems to be the case), but wow, interesting idea of combining characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation with those from Doctor Who.  True!  But it’s in comic book form, only.  Still, it kind of makes sense to mash up these two fandomizations, as popular as they are.

Here’s what the LA Times had to say:

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise are striking an alliance with The Doctor and his TARDIS-traveling companions in a comic series from IDW – “Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2.”

In the eight-part comic, the two transatlantic titans of television are teaming up against a villain pairing that threatens to destroy the galaxy: Cybermen and the Borg.

The series is co-written by Scott and David Tipton (who helmed “Star Trek: Infestation,” which follows a zombie epidemic in a Star Fleet colony) and Tony Lee, the longtime “Doctor Who” writer.

For more information, check out the IDW article.