The Tenth Doctor and Rose: Fix You

There are some very talented Doctor Who fanvid creators out there, but we especially love this ode to Ten and Rose, set to the tune of “Fix You” by Coldplay!

It’s quite stirring, isn’t it?


A Sunday Afternoon with The Doctor…

A true Whovian will appreciate one artist’s take on George Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon  on the Island of La Grande Jatte, which sneaks in a reference to what really inspired this scene:

Doctor Who TARDIS A Sunday Afternoon with the Doctor on the Island of La Grande Jatte Parody Print

The seller of this print, ParodiesLost, has this to say about it:

Few realize that Georges Seurat’s original painting was entitled A Sunday Afternoon with the Doctor on the Island of La Grande Jatte and that it prominently included a mysterious blue box. Bowing to peer pressure, however, Seurat removed the strange item from the final painting. Based on this, it has been speculated that Seurat himself traveled with at least one of the Doctor’s incarnations for a time, but no further details are known. [*]

[*]Statements may not reflect objective reality!

This clever TARDIS print is on sale via Etsy for $15.95!

Fan Video: (Are We) Human?

Check out this brilliant tribute to the 10th Doctor, aka David Tennant, featuring the song “Human” by The Killers! It’s an appropriate song for The Doctor, don’t you think?

Thanks to Tabby for sending in this brilliant video made by tjcrazy.