Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer — The Time of The Doctor

A trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Time of The Doctor” was released today and if you are among the Whovians who are not ready to say goodbye to Matt Smith, this may be difficult to watch.


Second Trailer for “The Day of the Doctor” Has Been Released!

Today just keeps getting better!  Not only did we get one trailer for “The Day of the Doctor,” but we got two!  The second trailer was recently released and it is amazing!  If you weren’t excited for November 23rd before, chances are you will be after you watch this!

“The Day of the Doctor” Trailer is Here!

BBC has officially released the trailer for “The Day of the Doctor” and it’s definitely been worth the wait! The clip shows a little bit of everything–Daleks, Ten, Eleven, Rose, Clara, and of course John Hurt.  Watch below and tell us what you think of it!

New Images From Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, Trailer Release Date Unveiled

Big news!  After months of waiting, we finally have an air date for the 50th Anniversary’s trailer! This Saturday the trailer for “The Day of the Doctor” will be posted on BBC America and is scheduled to air Saturday on BBC One right before Atlantis.  



In addition to this, we got some great new stills from the episode featuring Matt Smith and David Tenant!

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor


How excited are you now?? 


“Day of the Doctor” Images from SFX Magazine

The next issue of SFX magazine showcases the 50th Anniversary Special, “Day of the Doctor,” and a few scans from said issue have surfaced online, see below!




Source: Doctor Who TV

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Poster, Title Revealed!

Feast your eyes on this!  The official poster for the 50th Anniversary Special was released earlier today, and it’s awesome!  In addition to the poster, we also know the title of the episode is called “The Day of the Doctor.”


So, what do you think?  Share you thoughts in the comments section below!


David Tennant on Filming the 50th Anniversary Special

David Tennant recently chatted with EW about the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, where he dispelled rumors that there was some tension between him and his Who successor, Matt Smith.


“I suppose you’d expect me to say we’re new best friends and I love him like a brother,” the Scottish actor tells EW. “But that is sort of how it was. I had a fantastic time and that wouldn’t necessarily have been the case. I’m coming back onto a show that’s effectively somebody else’s show and used to be mine and that’s potentially quite a weird situation to be in. Going back to something I knew so well and had such fun memories of might have backfired. It’s a quite rare set of circumstances: Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig don’t get to play James Bond next to each other. But actually it felt familiar enough that it was like coming home and working with Matt proved to be a real joy. I hope I’m speaking for him when I say we really enjoyed bouncing of each other and playing sort of two aspects of the same character. It was everything that I hoped it might be and nothing that I feared it could be.”