The Saddest Heart

Tumblring around, I found this lovely, endearing fan-made image.

Tumblr Source: Majoris


Who? Doctor Who!

That’s right!

Tumblr Source: Ariel

When Can Someone Be A Whovian?

Do you agree with this logic?

I must say, this makes perfect sense, in any fandom, really.  I mean, who’s to dictate when one can be a Whovian?  How many seasons does one have to watch to be properly titled?  Or does it matter which Doctor one prefers in Whovian circles to say who’s a stronger Whovian than another?  I think not.  Take the meme and remember it!

Matt Smith Doctor Who Art

One of my favorite artists on Deviant Art, Alice X. Zhang, just commissioned this painting.  She says there will be a VERY limited print run of this, so if you’re interested, you may want to contact her ASAP.

I’ll be doing a very limited edition print run of this piece to start off my personal print shop. They’ll be gallery quality inkjet prints, signed, numbered, 13”x19” size and run about $80 USD. E-mail me if you’d like to reserve one in advance. Otherwise, there will be an announcement in the future when they’re available!

Click on image for an enlarged image and to go to Alice's Tumblr Blog